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We aren’t supposed to be anything like anyone else.

We’re supposed to be as unlike them as possible.

Our only job in life is to be as good at being ourselves as the people we admire are at being themselves. – Caroline McHugh


But in a world that’s bombarding you with lifestyle advice…how do you DO that?

How do you be yourself when everyone around you is tellin’ you how to be? From TV to magazines, parents to peers.

Here are 7 ways to embrace the uniqueness that’s you and get goin’ on a path of authenticity.


1. Wear Something you absolutely love but feel ridiculous in.

Pull an item from the back of your closet, drawer, hat stand, jewelry cabinet and *gasp* WEAR IT. Avoid a mirror until later in the day and see what shifts.

Ways To Be More Yourself


This is how I found my love of hats…

Full Disclosure: I still get poked at for wearing them. People tell me it makes me look less feminine. 

Full FULL Disclosure: I STILL have to avoid a mirror when I walk outta the house.



2. Google: “How To Be Yourself” and read up.

Seriously. Everything from WikiHow (with pictures) to deep psychology to fun YouTube videos pops up. There are as many ways to show up as there are people in the world. Who knows where you’ll get insight.


3. Watch Caroline McHugh’s Ted Talk: The Art of Being Yourself – serious game changer.

I love her bald head, Scottish accent and the depth and clarity with which she addresses the concept of

I D E N T I T Y.


4. Get Weird →spend some time in the emoji keyboard of your phone. Pick 5-10 images you’ve never used before but stand out to you. I challenge you to USE THEM.



Webster defines authentic as follows: true to one’s own personality, character or spirit. It comes from the Greek word for “acting on one’s own authority.” You can feel authenticity in you. You can feel the misalignment when you say or do something that isn’t true for you. When you notice this happening. Go a different direction. #swerve


6. Journal Prompt

Writing is magic. It reveals the unseen and talks to you in a language only you can understand. Even if it’s 3 words or 6 minutes or 2 pages, get lost in this:

If I was more myself I would____.


Being the most authentic version of myself means_____.


I would LOVE to read this, so if ya wanna share…comment! Or email truelove@jeminiwild.com.


7. CONFESS – whatever is weighing on you…get. it. out. Things get so jumbled in our heads. I promise that whatever it is, it’ll be better on the outside. Don’t carry things unnecessarily. And, I promise, better people have done worse things.


Finding ways to be more yourself is about exploration and authenticity is about sharing yourself. Being open, being vulnerable and being grounded in that vulnerability. Because…we’re all human. Mostly.

September 20, 2017