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Let’s hang!

I am not a surface person. I’m the opposite. I go deep, way deep. Let’s get deep. No, really. All the imfinethankyouhowareyou’s are great. But, I wanna know. Truly. How are you?

How is your heart? How is your body feeling? What’s going on in your mind?

This is the stuff I want to dig in! These conversations are heavy and intense. Probably not happening over the dinner table or even with your closest friends. That’s the space I provide for you..

Let’s talk about it. Let’s work it out. Let’s lighten the load.

Welcome To The Blue Hour


 Jemini has been studying personal development for almost a decade. Her love for it showed itself in college when she majored in religious studies. During this time she honed in on the questions: what makes us human, what gives our lives meaning? – as well as ritual, symbol and myth and the deep impact they have on our everyday lives. Her intention is to make these principles easily accessible to you so your life can take on new depth.

Her focus is: what makes us human and where the connection lives. She believes relationships are the marrow of life and the most important one is the one we have with ourselves, our own inner landscape. She is a writer, artist and author of her own life. She moves to her own rhythm and finds consistently the magic in the madness.


BA in Religious Studies

During this time in my life I studied critical thinking and poetry. I read the bible cover to cover twice and studied multiple religious texts from an academic perspective. These included the Tao Te Ching, Bhagavad Gita, Gnostic Gospels and many many others. I became aware of my voice and vowed to be a career writer.

Wellness Certification – John Spencer Ellis

This certification showed me more gap and gave me more questions. About 75% of the program was based around physical wellness and 25% on a healthy mental state. For me, the inner world has always been more important and I began to seriously question my beliefs and where they came from.

Pilates Certification – Moving Breath Pilates

This is where I became aware of my body. That I could move it and shape it into anything I wanted. During this time I also took hiphop classes. I learned about guiding others through their physical experience and I learned how to listen to the wisdom of my own muscles.


  • Studied abroad in Germany – 1 year – 2000
  • Solo trip to Bali – 2016
  • Ordained through the Ministry of Life Church