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I was introduced to the divine feminine this last year. Wikipedia describes the feminine as an archetypal essence. Where masculine is active, feminine is passive. The core values are built on surrender and receptivity.

Masculine is similar to making a building. First you lay the foundation. Then the building goes up brick by brick. The idea is that if you work harder, the building goes up faster.

The feminine is completely different. It works in layers and cycles and rhythms. It’s more like sowing a garden then building a highrise. I think both have their place. High rises and sky scrapers feel a bit extreme to me. Ideally there is a marrying of the two energies.

Masculine is constructive, active, physical. Feminine is creative, emotional, receptive. Both are necessary for a balanced existence. It takes deliberate focus to create the life of your dreams. It’s about knowing when to focus on what and for how long. It shouldn’t feel like efforting. It should feel natural, easy and fluid.

Below are 4 stages to help you determine where any aspect of your life may be. If you understand something’s in the ‘watering’ phase, not in the ‘harvesting fruit’ phase, it can help you direct your energy more fluidly.


Plowing the Soil

This is getting ready. It looks like brainstorming. Thinking of all the ideas that you can possibly come up with. You’re tilling the soil. Practical application looks like spending some time daydreaming. What areas of your life do you want to give more energy to?


Planting Seeds

Of all the options available to you which are the ones you want to give energy to? Choose these deliberately and with intention.



This stage is about providing tender, loving care. It requires patience and a love for the growth process. It’s appreciating things where they are. It looks like letting things be. Pushing against the flow in this area looks like yelling at a sprout to grow faster. It’s completely ridiculous and does nothing but wear you out.


Harvesting Fruit

What’s ripe and ready for harvesting? Often, we wanna harvest too soon. We want everything to be ready NOW and that’s just not how it works. It’s also good that’s not how it works. When you get things you want before you’re ready for them, you either don’t appreciate it or can’t sustain it.


Cultivating your life as a garden means approaching it with tenderness and patience. Allowing for periods of growth and periods that are fallow.


Extra inspo: check out the album Divine Feminine by Mac Miller

September 5, 2017
September 7, 2017