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I AM: Mother. Bartender. Believer. Dreamer. Desert Lover. Authentic AF. Former Addict. Former Self-Sabotager. Recovering Perfectionist. Daughter. Roommate. Lover. Leader. Captain of the Ship. Explorer. Voyager. Obsessed with Being Impressed by Myself and Others. Visionist. Pray-er. Magic-Maker. Work-In-Progress. Writer. Artist. Friend.

FAVORITES: the color grey, when others say my name, rainy days, sunshine through the shape of leaves, tattoos, the muse, archetypes, psychology, jewelry, decoration, self-expression

DREAM OF: giving a Ted Talk, going to Nepal, getting acupuncture, hot air balloon rides, taking B to the beach

SELF-CARE PRACTICE: drinking ginger tea, hiking, spending time with B, writing, smell good sprays, going to the gym, laughter, getting new information

STRETCH: public speaking, writing, putting myself out there, sharing

February 14, 2017
February 21, 2017