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Ritual: a series of activities performed in a specific sequence.

There are tons of  ways to carry out ritual and it shows up in many ways through our everyday lives. Morning coffee is a ritual. The way you shower, the order you do things in. Checking e-mail, getting dressed, showering. The series of events let your brain and body know what’s coming next and we develop patterns around our rituals.

Below are (in my opinion) the essential elements to ritual. If you’re looking to create a sacred moment for yourself or a circle for others, these elements apply.

My hope is that you’ll use them! Lemme know in the comments how they show up for you.


Moment of Silence

This is how we arrive in sacred space. Closing the eyes. Noticing the absence of sound. Here, it’s about trusting the process, trusting your own guidance and setting the tone to tap into that. Dropping into breath.

Centering Process

Centering means gathering focus. Once settled in the sacred space we make known why we are there. This looks like lighting a candle, saying a prayer or blessing, burning incense. Centering ourselves is a way to invite the divine into our experience.


In this context to share means Witnessing the Holy. It can look like pulling cards (or any other kind of divination), journaling, or reading aloud to yourself or others. You can feel that something greater than yourself is present and the guidance you’ve been seeking will show itself in the best way for you to understand.

Intention Setting

What do you want to bring back with you into the world? Intention setting means to take the magic from the sacred space back into the profane world where it can be of best use to you. Write your intention down or hold the experience in your heart.


So be it. Closing. An expression of appreciation, blowing out the candle, a howl. These are all ways to call the experience to an end.  

March 22, 2017
April 4, 2017