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The Chinese New Year was the 4th or is the 16th, depending on who you ask – the Sun or the Moon. It’s the Year of the Earth Dog. One of my teachers translates that as Year of the Wolf.

Wolves are known for being cunning, solitary and pack animals. They represent instinct, ritual and spirit.

The Cherokee have a story: there are 2 wolves fighting inside each of us. One represents jealousy, hatred, envy, greed; the other, love, joy, hope, compassion.

The one that wins is the one you feed.

Tips for Feeding the Good Wolf

  • Choose your thoughts
  • Remember…it’s temporary
  • Get it out – talk/write/dance
  • How do you wanna feel – get curious
  • Be your own self-soother
  • Take action



February 4, 2018