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My friend Hayley took this photo. We spent a week together in Nepal and she continued on to Pohkara when I headed home. It’s amazing how intimate you can become in a week. When she sent this photo, it felt like I was still there with her. I missed the thick heat even though when I was there, I couldn’t breathe.

Lately, it’s been easier to focus on what isn’t working: the washer’s broken, there’s a scorpion nest in the side yard, my toddler wakes up earlier and earlier. I’ve been magnifying my problems and contorting them until my life seems like a big ball of trouble rather than a series of miracles and blessings. Anyone else?

Then, there’s this door. This perpetually open door. Grown open with lush greenery in the middle of nowhere. Seeing it reminded me there’s always something you can do, something you can focus on that’s working.

My wish for you is that no matter where you find yourself, may you always find the open door.


With Love,



The Open Door




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    September 7, 2017

    Old ways will never open new doors..
    keep striving forward my friend. love your words.