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Feeling Good is the Work. Feeling Good is the Work. Feeling Good is the Work. Anything to feel good. Any thought you can reach for that takes you to the next best feeling place.

Even in the hierarchy of emotion. If you’re feeling despair, reach for anger. If you’re feeling anger reach for revenge, if you’re feeling revenge reach for jealousy and eventually you will end up calm.

You can’t get there from there. You have to make smooth moves through the spectrum and you have to be aware. You have to treat yourself with care. Beating yourself up will get you absolutely nowhere.

The trick is to let it all in but keep it all out at the same time. Don’t sit and spin. Definitely don’t do that. Feeling good is the work. Feeling good is the work. Feeling good is the work.

Don’t be so hard on yourself. What if you let it relax. What if you let your shoulders drop and the breath come in easy. What if you are more and less at once.

Feeling good is the work. Of you. Your life and mine. To enjoy. To spend time in the sun. To spend time with the ones you love. To spend time having fun. Feeling good is the work.

Worrying is not the work. Panic is not the work. But it feels like that sometimes. It feels like if I can just do anything to keep my mind spinning everything will be fine. But it’s not. That’s how you know you’re going the wrong way.

To bask is to revel in and make the most of something pleasing. It’s to lie in the sun, exposed to warmth and light for relaxation and pleasure. What’s the best thing you can bask in?

As soon as it feels like efforting, get out. As soon as it feels like you have to try or twist or cling for something to be, get onto the next thing.

March 7, 2017