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Snow. Like low. How I can think up anything and be there. The crook of your elbow and the way your arm feels around me. Against my skin. Let me in.

Let me see you with the shades down. Let me whisper magic into the crown of your head. Let me lie dead. Let me bleed. Let me believe. Let me see that you are me and we are you and on into infinity.

Let me touch the soft parts. Let me hear your heart chart. I believe you’re there standing next to me. I believe in everything. The way green looks like pistachio and home looks like watermelon and the way the plant stays even when you leave.

I see you there. Sitting. I see you fidget. Your fingers playing with the sleeve of your shirt like you aren’t even in it. A ghost. Or distracted. It’s simple, right. The way we wake up in the night.

Lost and not knowing where or when or who to be next. Restless. Put me out in the world. Pick up and burn. Let me lay in the flowers and stare at the sky all day.

I love the desert. I love the way the dryness talks to my bones. I love the look of the dirt. It’s flat brown shade. I love the way the sun burns. I love the absence of water and abundance of thirst.



February 28, 2017