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I know what it is to sit and watch the walls cave in. I know what it is to shake and ache and feel no end to the madness. The darkness, the blackness. Always coming for you from the outside and the inside, from the sidelines. It is you. You are the ache. You are the black baked mud pie. full post here

Are depression, anxiety and suffering regular parts of your experience? Is there an undercurrent of melancholy running through your day? Do you feel like you wanna go back to sleep the minute you wake? Are you considering therapy or medication for these issues but hoping for a better way?

Do your conversations sound like imfinethankyouhowareyou?

When really, you’re NOT FINE.

I believe relationships are the marrow of life and the most important one we have is with ourselves. Cultivating a thriving inner landscape requires deliberate attention.

I believe we’re our own source of infinite wisdom. Answers are available. Looking outside ourselves for validation, approval and guidance only leads to more suffering.

I believe suffering is optional. Not required.

And I gotta tell ya…healing IS possible.


Life Design

Life Design – these are soul-session-power-pauses designed to integrate self-care practices, deepen the connection you have with your higher power (as you understand it) and heighten your access to intuition, inner wisdom and guiding light.

Together we’ll design the life you wanna live; using meditation, vision work and energetic shifts to heal the past and propel you forward in meaningful ways.

60 mins for $92

Via Zoom, an online platform.


To schedule a powwow, click here.

Learn more about my story here.

Benefits of Life Design

◊Learn to utilize your own gifts

◊Reach for a higher ambition, causing confusion to fade & clarity to increase

◊Focus on where you wanna go, rather than where you are and make the spinning stop

◊Realize there’s nothing wrong with you & free yourself from the not-good-enough trap

◊Shift from what’s going wrong to what’s going right, creating positive, sustainable momentum


What people have said about working with me:

“I always feel better when I talk to her, like deep down. She gets me where I need to be.” – Tessa H.

“She always knows how to break the chains I keep my feelings buried under.” – Neil S.

“She gives the best advice.” – Linda M.


Questions, comments, hugs?

December 12, 2017