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Today is tater tots and cartoons. It’s sleeping in and dirty chai and an off-the-shoulder whiskey shirt. It’s messy hair and hair ties. It’s a blanket over the window because it’s hot outside. Where do we hide. From the sun and the heat that beats on the street like the pounding of eternity. Dark and black and deep.

The tortoise came from out of the depths to give a rose to me and the man said turn it into anything you need. White heart light and a halo crown and I am who I’m meant to be. The lagoon was deep and the winding path to get there was green. Mossy. The squishy moss that gives beneath your feet. Then bounces back when you leave. And the mist was fog blanket and the frogs and lizards hid and the praying mantis blended in.

June 17, 2017