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I wonder if you see me. The look on my face. Confused. I wonder if you feel me. Bruised. It doesn’t have to be a hard thing, to know the right way. It doesn’t have to be a struggle to discover.

It seems elusive and intrusive to wonder why I’m stuck. Stuck in old patterns, stuck in old ways, stuck in styles that aren’t of these days.

Guide me with a beaming light. One so bright it would be impossible not to see all the way from outer space.

I see it looking back at me.

The flame that burns the brightest is the one inside your heart. It flickers and dances and knows all the good parts. It’s purple, iridescent. It’s creamy, it’s blue. It’s the biggest thing in you and the one you wanna do.

They say follow your joy, follow your bliss. That feeling IS the next right decision. But for so long that feeling was wrong. Wasn’t it? Wasn’t it wrong in the dark alleys and drug deal drive-thrus?

Follow your heart like the train that sings to you in the morning. That low choooochoooo..It’s going somewhere and you are too. You are the train and you are the sound of the world turning.

You are its weeping. You are its joy. You’re tea in the morning and snuggles at night. You’re peace wrapped in presence turned into delight. You are me, you are we. We’re on the same slip. You’re leader, you’re see-er. You’re Captain of the Ship.

You’re figuring out how to get the good stuff to stick. It slips and drips and rolls off the tongue. The language that makes everything one. You are insignificant when your heart is like ice. There’s nowhere to go, I can’t tell you twice.

Just sit.

Sit and listen. Listen and be. Guidance is beacon. There’s no way possibly

to get this wrong.

Scratch the itch when you feel it and follow the trail. It runs down the mountain shaped like a snail. The shell of it spirals that circular pattern when you don’t know which way is up or when you’ve forgotten.

Guidance. Guide. Guardian. Angel.

They wanna sit with you and comb your hair. They like when you drink coffee and they like it when you stare. Into the abyss of nothingness. They can feel your pulse quicken. They come closer then. They like to hold hands and sleep in the same bed. They like to fly. They like to whisper soft nothings at night when nothings are somethings and the mood is right.

Take me with you.

Take me with you into the night. I wanna know that Mystery is nice. I don’t know where I’m going but I’m here listening. I don’t know what’s happening but I’m here feeling and you are here with me and we’ll feel together our way to the well where wishes come true.

There’s no need to doubt.

Ever. What you wanna do. It’s already a part of you. You have all the pieces, they’re in you right now. It’s shifting the way you look at things. How

you aren’t the center of attention.

Let that go. You don’t have to have it all together. You don’t have to be so fucking cool. Let it drift from you and tune to the moon. Let it talk to you through your womb. Let creation move through you from ether to form and

you’ll see all the things you’ve been longing for.