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It’s new. It’s you. It’s in between and the color blue. It’s every hue you’ve ever seen or could dream and it’s coming for you. Over the mountains and under the rocks. It’s searching and lurching and not gonna stop.  It’s on its way. It’s happening. All you have to do is stay.

New like fresh linen and green grass. New like spring. New like rebirth. New like wings. New like a bird nest when all the eggs just hatched. New like a fresh mess Brighton makes after his nap. New like clean sheets. New like heart beats. New. New, new, new.

New like a new day. New that you can’t take away. New like you’ve never seen before. New like opening a door. New like that step outta the shower. The way the water drips down your thighs and onto the tile. New like the light in your eyes when you smile.

Like stepping into a place you’ve never been. The walls all mahogany and the people with stiff chins. Sometimes new looks like fear. New reminds me of staying clear.

Clear as a bell when you start to wonder what’s in here.

What is it about this place that brings that smile to your face? You feel your heart race. You feel the pulse of the next stage. New like an open cage you’ve been sitting in your entire life and now the door just blew wide open.

It feels strange to step outside. It feels strange to run free when you’ve been hiding all this time. New like a new path. Fresh like coming off a fast. Starving. Waiting. Watching. Dreaming. Beaming. Being.

Not knowing what’s gonna come next. New like possibility. New like singing in the morning. Like the rooster who calls for the day to come. Come, come, come to me. I’m sitting here waiting. Anticipating.

When I listen for wisdom it says:

Get ready. Brush your teeth and comb your hair. Prepare yourself. Because it’s coming. It’s going to be here any minute and your job is to be ready to receive it. It’s like a new book when you first crack the spine. It’s a new look when you’ve felt dull all this time.

It’s like a clean break and your next mistake. It’s not knowing the next step you’ll take and being okay with that. Being just lovely with that. That not knowingness is where all the magic lives. But you’ve got to steer. You got to at least turn the wheel of who you are and set the direction.

We take care of the rest. That’s intention.

It’s a lesson in who you are to be this close and yet so far. It’s coming though you can be sure. Everything you want and more is just on the other side of that door. But you’re already in the room. You’re already held and loved and just sitting is enough.

April 4, 2017