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Your name came from the stars. Your heart from fire. Born from the flame of desire. Your guts grew from the black, rotting, wet of well kept earth. Your eyes and nose and mouth came out of salt water. The blue-white shimmer of ocean-moon. Your arms and legs are trees. Gnarled and knotted, the tangle of hair and hands and roots. Your tears are salt water. Your breath is breeze. Your fingers are flower petals opening. Your toes are bottom-of-the-river pebbles. Grey and smoothed by the sound of rushing water. Your hands are clay fingers. Your chest, a vest of love. Your mind is the air of infinity holding mine inside. Your temples are the pillars of an altar. The one that holds my heart.

I will be your earth keeper. I will keep your earth. I will keep your heart on an altar and witness your birth. I will shower you with kisses and whispers in your ear. I will laugh with you and smile through the tears. Of what comes next. This bed we made. The seeds now turned to plants and our days stretched out before us like the paved road of forever. I will be your lover. I will hold you near. I will love you in the winter and chase away the fear. Of not being good enough. Of not knowing.

I will be your earth keeper.  I will tend your earth and stars. Fuck the moon, I will love you all the way to Mars. Do you know what it is to look at the sky and see you looking back at me? Do you know what it is to hold my head on the heart of what’s ours. Do you know what it is to love? To protect? To say again and again and again: I’m coming home. To you. To that vow: devoted to.

It looks like this. Our hands together chanting the same prayer. Feeling into the air of each other. What does it mean to bow at the feet of another? To be on your knees screaming in comfort. That across the sea of time and sand and desert and land we have found each other. here, on this side of the other.

I will keep your earth. I will watch you bend in the breeze with awe and entirely encompassing all. I will move without fear into the sound of your voice and the purpose of your years. I will be me in front of you. All gnarled and lovely and loathing. I will meet you here and there and in the middle. I will sing the song of you into forever.

I will be your earth keeper. You can hold onto me and I’ll let you be free. I’ll clothe myself in all your favorite colors and use my hair to wash your feet.

April 12, 2017
April 25, 2017