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I wish for the feeling of light to pulse through me. To come through the mind of my body. The feeling of peace, calm and harmony. I wish for music to ripple through me in waves that feel like grace. The feeling of pace. Of this step then that one. Feels like lace. Feels like I don’t have to race to get anywhere.

Feels like I’m here.

Watching. Witnessing. Believing. Being.

Feels like the best time to wake up and be me. Feels like the right time to love you. Feels like I know how to be true. To me and you and everything in between.

Feels like you know me. Feels like the rhythm of the moon. Feels like all my favorite hues of green and purple stretched across the sky in the day time. Feels like rain that falls on my cheeks and runs through the essence of me.

Feels like breathe.

Feels like my palms pressed together supporting my head. Feels like the sanctity of church and the freedom of nature.

Feels like being clever.

Feels like the road stretched out before us into forever. Feels like horizon. How I know how to balance the line between earth and sky. Feels like earth keeper.

Feels like heart whisper. Feels like wisdom and truth and the perfection of you. Feels like might. Feels like strength. Feels like the majesty of a lion’s mane.

Feels like play.

Feels like the words will roll forth from within me in waves. Feels like I don’t have to play a game but I’m winning. Feels like grace. Feels like faith. Feels like everything I’ve ever wanted is mine. Feels like the ending and beginning of time. Feels like calm when the ocean is singing its song and the birds all come to listen.

The quiet.

The rhythm of the tide and the waves move with the moon of my face. Feels like I couldn’t get it wrong if I tried. Feels like I’ve never cried. I know the beauty of sorrow and the humming of the lord. I know what it is to love. I know what it is to be free. I know what it is to have faith in you and me. In Us.

I know what it feels like to howl.

I know what it feels like to be free and running toward something made for me. Like a gift that couldn’t be any more perfect fell from the sky and landed in your eyes.

Those eyes.

Blue like the grey of rain. Full of light. Light that makes prisms and rainbows and sighs. Light of my life. Light of my heart. Light of falling apart to put it back together.

We’ll build a house that sits on the shore of forever and watch the waves all day. That ebb and flow. That take it slow. That music makes me grow. Growth, growing. From nothing to something. Something worth having.

Something worth being.

When believing is exactly this feeling. Pray. Pray for power. Pray for peace. Pray for that sweet, sweet release of everything you’ve ever held onto that doesn’t serve you. Pray for magic. Pray for me. Pray for we.

Pray for you and them and us and everything in between.

March 28, 2017