Mystery Medicine School


This is a 5 week group coaching experience where you learn about the unfolding of your soul. Via Zoom, an online platform, join from computer or smartphone. 

Please note:
There’s light reading & some homework. Be ab
le to set aside 2-4 hours per week.

We’ll meet the following Mondays from 1:30 – 2:45 (MST) via Zoom for lecture
January 29th – Wk 1 – What is Mystery & Why Medicine?
February 5th Wk 2 – Fear vs Love – Distinguishing the Voices
February 12th – Wk 3 – Clear Limiting Beliefs
February 19th – Wk 4 – The Pause – Integration & 1:1 (no lecture)
February 26th – Wk 5 – Earth Wisdom

This is for you if…

  • You long for more meaning in your life
  • You’re curious about sacred space, experiencing spirituality and anything ‘woo-woo’
  • You have energetic blocks – you can’t quite figure out why the same thing keeps happening & you’re ready to move through it.
  • Ritual calls to you and you’re interested in learning about it
  • You’re ready to shift into a new version of yourself

The greatest advice you’ll ever get is on how to better hear your own voice. This course is about opening up the mystery of yourself, getting to know the unknown. It’s part vision, part dream, a little grit with some magic mixed in.


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