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Cultivating a spiritual life is about focusing on the moments. Your spirituality lives in the everyday things. The way you eat, the way you work out, the way you get dressed, the way you talk to your friends. Your spirituality is the way you translate the world.

I created this journal in honor of your voice. We so often look for guidance outside ourselves. Our culture trains us to do it. We go to a medical doctor to find out what’s wrong with our bodies and what we should do about it; a psychiatrist to find out what’s wrong with our minds and what we should do about it. We turn to our parents, peers and media to determine how we should show up in the world.

I want you to know: no one knows what’s going on in your world better than you. No. One.

I designed this journal with a few things in mind. First, morning pages. This is a concept I first heard about from Julia Cameron in The Artist’s Way: A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity. It’s writing 3 stream of consciousness pages as early in the day as possible. I understand them as a way to get yourself outta your own way and open the flow of creativity. Done consistently over a period of time, morning pages are therapeutic, insightful and rhythmic.

This is a monthly journal. Life comes in cycles, not a straight line. This journal helps facilitate the rhythm of that because at the end of the month, you have a complete piece. You can choose to pick it up the next month, or not. This leaves room for specific intentions you might choose to work with for the month.

No lines means you can color outside the box. Sketch, doodle or create diagrams.

My intention is for you to come to know your own voice. To hear your inner wisdom more clearly. It’s more meaningful than the spiral you buy at the store. While writing in The Spirit Weaver, you understand you’re weaving the tapestry of your life together, that your insight will tell you more than anyone else’s and that you’re dedicated to the practice of unfolding.

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Love, Jemini





November 27, 2017