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It’s defined as a solemn request for help or an expression of thanks addressed to the Divine. But often it’s used to pull you out of a jam. We often beg and bargain with our Higher Power, promising this or that if some desired outcome is granted. As if we’re trading our promise for a certain action.

Prayer is like a cosmic hug. It’s setting your worry on the shelf for someone else. Someone stronger and better equipped than yourself. At least, we hope so. It’s what we call to when we don’t know what to do for ourselves. It’s the closest we can get to surrender, but often it’s just not good enough.

Unanswered prayers leave us feeling uncomfortable and stressed and like God/Universe/Source doesn’t care.

I’ve found myself praying all kinds of places. On top of mountains, at the doctor’s office, before a test. Puh-lease lemme do my best. Lemme have the best outcome, let me not feel so stressed.

I’ve found that it’s best to pray before things have turned into a mess. That I’ll get a lot farther and feel a lot better if I don’t treat it like a test.

Gregg Braden dives deep into this topic in his book: Secrets of the Lost Mode of Prayer.

Let your prayer be sacred. Let it be something you take spiritually.

Tips For Making Prayer Sacred

  • Set aside time to converse with the Divine. Let your Higher Power know you mean business and show up for yourself on a regular basis.
  • Hold the position. Being on your knees with your hands at Heart Center is special. Hold your hands together and feel the reverence.
  • Memorize a prayer. I love this Peace Prayer from St. Francis. Rumi & Kabir are ones I go to too. It’s helpful to have something handy when you wanna connect. Try writing your own!


February 11, 2018