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In this post I wrote about what the voice of Fear sounds like in your head. Here, I wanna get into what Love sounds like. Sometimes, we don’t even know the voice of love when we hear it. When you call this voice by its name, it lifts you up and encourages you to keep engaging with it.

Also, when you’re feeling stuck or caught in Fear, you have a better chance of getting to that Love voice if you know what it sounds like.


Always Right On Time

Love is ever in the present moment. Ah, those trees are nice, I like the sound of that music, this coffee is so good, I don’t think I’ve ever had better coffee. It’s not concerned at all with the past or the future. And it leads to the serendipitous rendezvous. When you slide into a free spot in a packed parking lot. When you’re thinking you’d love to talk to your best friend and they call right then.  


Believes There’s More Than Enough

The pie just gets bigger. There is enough for everyone to go around and then some. The glass is never empty because you can always go to the faucet and refill it. I’m really happy for my friend’s success, they’ve worked really hard and I wonder how I can support them.


Uses Discernment to Decide

The ability to distinguish between truth and error. The voice of love is calm and soothing and leads quickly to the path of least resistance. I’m glad I made that decision. I feel good about where I’m at and the growth I’ve experienced. I like who I am.


Says Both & More

Because Love is ever expanding and because we are meant to experience the joy of all life has to offer, you’ll hear this voice as encouraging expansion. Creative solutions come easily and it becomes easy to receive. I can have this and I can have this too. And there’s more coming…


Lifts Up, Builds Bridges, Makes Connections

This is actually a symptom of the homeostasis state of being. When the body is in a stressed state there’s no energy left over for the brain to make creative connections. Training yourself to live in a calm state means the Love Voice sounds like this: oh man, this idea is sooo cool! I can’t wait to get started on it. I know there are gonna be challenges today, but I’m ready for ‘em!


When you hear yourself having these kinds of conversations…milk it! Bask in the alignment you’re feeling. It’s easy to see how much your thoughts influence your feelings.


Here’s some extra inspo for your journey…

Below is what’s known as the Frequency of Love and meditating while listening to it brings healing. I just recently learned about it and love how soothing it is. Check out this post where I dive deeper into what the Frequency of Love is and how it works.

What about you? How do you recognize Love when it’s talking to you? Lemme know in the comments.


big hearts & big hugs



September 5, 2017