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You can let them love you. Even when it brings you to your knees. You can let them love you. You don’t have to wipe away the sweat. The way it beads beneath your nose and in the crevice of your chin. The way it gathers above your brow.

You can let it drip.

Same with your tears. You can let them in. All the people you’ve ever kept out. You’re stronger now. So the leaving doesn’t feel like dying somehow. Do you know what it means to receive?

It’s not the same as: to bleed.

You can let them love you. Their hands can touch the soft parts. Their breath can breathe you in. Even when you’ve come short again and again. Rest into it with easiness. Even when there seems no end to the not-knowingness, no end to the doubting-your-worthiness. No end to wanting to wake up next to someone tomorrow. Right now.

The ache of absence.

You can let them love you. Let the pulse of your heart quicken when they come near. Those lovers with eyes clear. With pure intentions and fondness of connection. Let them love you. Let them touch you with their breath. Let them whisper into your neck.

Let them hold you.

Sit warm and steer clear of warning. Not like a bell, not like an alarm. But like a beckoning. A becoming. A wondering. A curiosity. A need.



Inspired by the beautiful Sarah Kay..


February 21, 2017
February 27, 2017